This week’s emotional intelligence digest is here! Every week we compile a list of ten great articles and podcasts for you on leadership, resilience, mindfulness and of course, emotional intelligence!

This week’s list includes strategies for adapting to a hybrid work environment, exercises to help you control your stress, advice on how to demonstrate authentic leadership plus much more! Check out the list below, and if you have any recommendations for any other workplace-related articles, let us know in the comments!

People Who Learn These 5 Simple Rules Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on

‘There are five key principles or rules, each based on a principle of emotional intelligence. If you keep them in mind, you’ll find you’re more likely to see positive outcomes.’ This article walks through techniques you can use in everyday life and in all interactions with those around you.

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of “First Things First” on

This article discusses the idea of ‘first things first’, that is, the idea of narrowing one’s view to focus in on the first few tasks at hand, so as to not get overwhelmed. The author also outlines four benefits of looking at the first things first.

How Women Leaders Can Overcome Prejudice Using Agile Leadership on Forbes

Unfortunately, in a lot of places the attitude towards women in leadership positions has not yet changed. ‘Women can lead. They just need a better strategy to showcase those skills and characteristics so they overcome the prejudice, one company at a time. And The Five Inner Voices of Leadership Agility can get them started.’

3 strategies for workers to shift to hybrid work with emotional intelligence on FastCompany

‘As leaders everywhere face a massive decision on what the return-to-office will look like, employees have the chance to help shape this next phase of work, voicing their opinions and participating in the conversations defining the future of work.’ This article discussed three ways employees can help prepare for the new work environment.

Future-Ready Leadership: Five Reasons For Organizations To Build Coaching Capability As A Leadership Skill on Forbes

‘Whether intentionally or not, to be a leader is to be a coach: It is our job as leaders of leaders, and as leaders of the next generation of leaders, to develop our people.’ It’s about more than just helping people complete their tasks. Introducing an element of coaching to leadership means you will help your people reach their highest potential.

Leadership BITES Podcast

In this weekly podcast, Guy Bloom has conversations with amazing people who impact on the world around them. Always about leadership and hopefully in such a way as to reinforce the good you do and to bring challenge to the things you might be able to calibrate.

Don’t want to be a leader? Here’s how to develop other career opportunities on FastCompany

‘Leadership wasn’t this club you get invited to for being exceptional. Leadership was a career path, just like any other career path. And just like other leaders helped me achieve my desired journey along this path, I also needed to help those on my team achieve theirs—whatever that looked like.’

Advice On Demonstrating Authenticity In Leadership on Forbes

This great article outlines some of the actions necessary to help you show authenticity in leadership, and some tips on ways that you can get started!

 5 more exercises to control your stress on Entrepreneur

We all experience stress at some time or another, it is part of being human. That’s why it is so important to have a number of tools in your belt that you can use when you start to feel stress impacting your life. Check out this article for five more exercises you might use to tackle your stress.

The Workplace Communication Podcast

‘A podcast dedicated to leaders who want to elevate team performance by refining leadership communication skills. Join Lindsay Lapaquette, Workplace Communication Expert, as she interviews leading experts on topics related to leadership development, effective workplace communication and personal development to help you unleash the full potential of both you and your team.’

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