What’s Genos Digital all about? Holly McGuill is fresh out of college into the workplace and tells us of her experience completing a Genos EI Assessment on the brand-new Genos Digital platform.

In 2020, Genos International launched their innovative, new Genos Digital platform, a unique way to experience your emotional intelligence assessment results digitally. I heard it was super easy to use and designed in such a way to encourage people to document their insights and create an action plan designed to help them develop. I just started working in marketing with Genos Europe, and to be honest – before joining the team – I wasn’t able to explain emotional intelligence and I didn’t really understand how it was applied at work.

As a complete newbie of the group – I thought – who better to explain to our blog readers what this process is like – than me! These thoughts and notes are my own.

One thing I have learned this far is that EI is crucial for success and happiness in work and life, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. Here’s the story of my experience.

A little while ago, I completed my Genos Workplace 180 assessment. First, I answered a self-assessment of my emotional intelligence behaviours and also selected a few people I had worked with in previous roles to give me feedback too. I was informed they would receive an invitation to give feedback on me – how I ‘showed up’ to them – my demonstrated EI behaviours.


I received an email from the Genos survey website telling me my digital results were ready. When I clicked through, I was met with a short two-minute video that explains what emotional intelligence is, and how it benefits us in life and work.  As I was still learning about EI, this was really helpful. I found it very clever way to quickly refresh my knowledge of EI before diving into the results. After the video, I saw a quick recap of the Genos model of EI, which was a useful reminder of what behaviours are being measured. I was able to click on each of the behaviours and see a video of Genos CEO Ben Palmer give his personal explanation of that particular behaviour.

Once I got to my results, there was another quick video explaining how results are laid out, and how to best review them. I learned that the Genos Assessments measure six emotional intelligence competencies, each with seven unique behaviours. I had the option of which one I wanted to view first. I was presented with my overall results which allowed me to choose which section I wanted to focus on first.

One of the cool features of Genos Digital is that while you are going through your results, you can flag particular ones that stand out to you and take notes on your insights. Then, once you’ve finished going through your results you can see this ‘wish-list’ of behaviours you would like to work on. From here, Genos Digital makes it super simple to develop your own action plan to build your emotionally intelligent behaviours.


There are several great features on this platform, but here are six I personally found most helpful when walking through my results:

  1. While I was reviewing my Genos report, there was a circle in the page footer, measuring your progress through the digital experience, so I knew where I was.
  2. On the left side of the page, there is a handy navigation pane that includes your coach’s contact details, so I could get in direct contact with them if I had any questions.
  3. When you see behaviours that stand out as needing improvement, you can flag them to add them to the action plan you will develop.
  4. If you’re not sure what area to focus on, the report highlights certain behaviours you might flag for improvement, which is super helpful if you’re unsure.
  5. I was able to access tips on how to improve the behaviours I flagged.
  6. As I flagged behaviours I could add any comments I thought of, then, when I was creating my action plan at the end I already had some of the work done! Super easy!


When I first opened my Genos Digital results (it had been a while since I received the PDF version) to be honest, I hadn’t looked at them in a while, so it was like getting my results for the first time again. I immediately noticed was how clean the platform is. As someone with a marketing background – this impressed me. We have so many apps and websites for everything these days – that I believe that simplicity is key.

The minimalistic design made it simple to navigate and easy to focus on the results. After having watched the videos explaining how the platform works, I dove straight in. Personally, I started with my ‘self’ results, I found that while I had assessed myself quite well, there were still a couple of areas I could improve on, so I flagged them to come back to later.

Next, I had a look at my rater results from people I had worked with in the past. Again, I flagged areas so that I could incorporate them in my action plan later on. As well as highlighting certain behaviours, I also added some comments, for example ideas that came to mind of how I could try to improve. Once I read the results and comments my colleagues had made, it was time to review the behaviours I had flagged. I had noted a lot of behaviours, and while they are all important, it can be a bit intimidating to have a long list of things you want to improve; sometimes it can feel like you’ll never get there. One of the great things about this platform is that it helps you be realistic about it. Genos Digital recommends you shorten your list to a couple behaviours from each competency, so while you have fewer behaviours, there are still some from all areas, ensuring you develop your emotional intelligence in all aspects.

It was time to build my action plan.

Genos Digital splits up the behaviours into their competencies, so you can develop your plan one section at a time. Simple right? And what’s more, for each of the behaviours you want to develop, the platform recommends two or three tips to help you start thinking about what actions you might like to take. I personally used both some of the recommended tips and some ideas of my own, more specific to my own life. Genos Digital made it so easy to come up with simple ways for me to develop my emotional intelligence.

It has been over two months since I developed that action plan, and I feel like it really has helped. I feel like I am interacting better, not only with those I work with but also with people in my personal life. Now that I have improved the behaviours I had in my action plan, I am looking forward to revisiting my Genos Digital Report, picking some more areas to improve on, and continuing to develop my Emotional Intelligence.

Next up, I’m having a private one-on-one debrief with Genos master trainer – who will demonstrate to me the traditional way of debriefing the Genos report to a person. I’ll report back with more on this experience too.

Have you experienced Genos Digital yet? Watch the preview video below for a taste or click here to learn more about our variety of Genos emotional intelligence assessments.


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