Check out this week’s recommended reading list! We’ve got ten great blogs to check out on leadership, wellness, emotional intelligence, resilience and more.

Whether you’re looking for advice on leadership, tips on how to improve your self-care habits or information on how to become more resilient, there’s something in this list for you!

The 4 Management Styles of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders on FastCompany

‘When leaders consistently practice habits rooted in strategic agility, they empower their teams and organizations to do the same. At Aperio, we’ve discovered that these four habits are key to becoming more strategically agile.’

How Leaders Can Use Emotional Intelligence to Connect with all Employee Types on FastCompany

‘Managers who take the time to get to know their employees are well-positioned to get their best effort—but only if they then leverage that information. Here’s how to do it effectively’.

This Is the Single Most Important Job of a Leader on Entrepreneur

‘As a senior leader, you might be setting strategy, but to execute that strategy, you need your team of managers. They are the ones that have direct contact with both your clients and the majority of your team members. You can’t accomplish your goals without them.’ Check out this article about why it’s so important to help the development of your fellow leaders.

The Future Of Work And The New Workplace: How To Make Work Better on Forbes

‘Here’s what the workplace will need to offer and what leaders and the culture will need to offer as well. These are the ways to inspire people to get back to the office and to help them work better in the future.’

9 mindfulness exercises to help you manage COVID stress on

‘From the pandemic that brought you the terms “social distancing” and “Zoom fatigue,” here’s another one to add to your vocabulary: Covid stress. Google Trends shows that searches for the term were non-existent in February, peaked at the end of March, fell at the start of summer and are again on the rise as we head into winter.’ Check out this great article that will help improve self-care for mental wellness, especially in addressing the many stressors brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Key To Organizational Resilience Is Planning Ahead: Here’s Why Some Organizations Fared Better Than Others During The Pandemic on Forbes

‘While many organizations continue to struggle in 2021—and some have even permanently closed—there are certain companies that have not only persevered but also continued to prosper in this unusual environment.’ Emotional intelligence and resilience have been key to a lot of companies success in the past year.

Rethinking Leadership For The Digital Era on Entrepreneur

‘Simply making decisions faster to keep up with the rapid pace of business life and innovation will not be enough– today’s business leaders need to focus on a clear vision, engagement, humility, and fostering growth in their teams.’

These 5 myths about resilience might be hurting your ability to cope on FastCompany

‘What is resilience? And why are some people better at it than others? A resilient person can adjust and figure out what do to adapt faster than someone who isn’t as resilient, says Kawahara. To become more resilient, it’s important to understand these five misconceptions around the trait.’

 9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021 and Beyond on Harvard Business Review

‘It would be nice to believe that 2021 will be about stability and getting back to normal; however, this year is likely to be another full of major transitions.’ Check out these 9 trends that will shape the business environment this year and in the future.

6 Unquestionable Behaviors Separating Top Leaders From Toxic Bosses on

‘Organizations looking to boost their leadership effectiveness can start with pursuing the practice of these six traits across all levels of management in order to have an impact on the people they employ and the customers they serve.’

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