Once again we have created a list of great content on emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, and more. This week we’ve decided to include not only great blogs but also some fantastic podcasts in our list. So, for those of you who prefer audio content, we’ve got you covered! Check out the list below.

Oprah Winfrey’s Meghan and Harry Interview Was a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence on Inc

One of the reasons Oprah’s interview of Megan and Harry was so successful was her incredible emotional intelligence. “Emotionally intelligent people understand that sometimes you have to put in the work like that for quite a while to make the other people in any deal feel comfortable.”

The Future Of Work: 7 Keys To Unlocking Your Leadership Potential on Forbes

“How can companies and managers better prepare themselves to cope with the challenges the post-pandemic world will pose? And which leadership competencies are needed to thrive in the coming era?”

The Key to Building Resilience in a Crisis on Time

“Resilience is the ultimate end goal in tough times. We want our children to “learn resilience”; we all want to become “more resilient” ourselves; we hear about resilient communities. But what does resilience actually mean—and how do we cultivate more of it?”

3 leadership traits we desperately need in 2021 on FastCompany

“Coming to terms with the fact that this year will not look all that different from 2020, the hope is that leaders are able to display three fundamental traits that would mitigate the extended consequences of this brutal pandemic, and give us reasons to be optimistic.”

Super Soul Conversations – Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence 101 Podcast

“As a pioneer in the emotional and social intelligence movements, Daniel’s research changed the way we look at what it means to be smart. He explains how people can sharpen their emotional intelligence to improve their relationships, work, and even the empathy they have for others.”

The Hidden Risk Of Going Remote? Burnout, Not Slacking on Forbes

The author of this article discusses how, in their opinion, the main problem facing remote teams, is not that people will slack on their work at home, but will actually feel under pressure to be ‘always on’. This article outlines four ways you can help your team avoid burnout when working from home.

Living and Leading with Emotional Intelligence Podcast

This podcast hosts conversations with “subject matter experts, globe change agents, and everyday individuals who have changed their lives, communities or business through applying emotional intelligence and effective communication strategies.”

As Pandemic Fatigue Sets In at Work, Employers Try to Help on Inc

“Across industries, workers struggling with pandemic fatigue are facing burnout more than ever. For leaders, keeping these employees engaged and motivated is a challenge in itself. While some leaders are turning to incentives like gift cards and cash to help support employees, others are taking a softer approach, investing in relationships and focusing on workplace communication.”

Three Tips For Creating A More Resilient Workplace on Forbes

“Resilience will always be an essential tool for leaders and their teams. Working to build this valuable resource equips people with the tools to cope with change or obstacles thrown their way in a creative, flexible, and even welcoming way.”

5 things emotionally intelligent leaders do to retain remote workers on FastCompany

“At a time when in-person interactions have decreased due to this shift to remote work, the importance of emotional intelligence and feeling connected has only gotten greater. Letting employees know they are cared for is more difficult when a team is distributed, making it increasingly important that leaders put in additional effort.”

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