This week we have created another list of ten great blogs on leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience and more!

Read about how to “lead and succeed with emotional intelligence”, “how to cultivate confidence as a leader” and learn how a small compliment can change someone’s day in ways you never thought of. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for this weekly list as well as more emotional intelligence content.

Quantifying Your Company’s Emotional Culture on Harvard Business Review

“Managers tend to view emotions as something “soft” that can’t really be measured.  But you can — and should..” This article discusses the research behind how you can measure your company’s emotional culture, and explains why it’s important to continuously ensure improvements by showing good leadership behaviours.

CEO Angelina Darrisaw Shares How Resilience Became The Superpower She Harnessed To Push Her Business Forward on Forbes

Angelina Darrisaw is the CEO of C-Suite Coach, a company that “expertly designed professional development and coaching programs for working professionals and small business leaders”.

How To Maintain Workforce Resilience on Forbes

“While building a resilient organization has never been easy, the Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges that were previously unthinkable. So how are top executives maintaining, and even strengthening, resilience amid the pandemic?”

Now Is a Great Time to Start Practicing Mindfulness on Harvard Business Review

“When practiced correctly, mindfulness can allow us to get in touch with our feelings and resolve them in a productive way.” Check out this great article outlining three strategies for dealing with our feelings before they have an impact on your health and your work.

Your First-Line Managers Need These Critical Frontline Leadership Skills on

In this article, the Centre for Creative Leadership explain what their research has found to be the most critical leadership skills for frontline managers, and what employees say are, in their experience, the main causes for a bad day.

Every Leader Needs to Build Their Emotional Intelligence Right Now. Here’s How To Do It, According To Diversity And Inclusion Consultants on Business Insider India

“Calls for racial equity and diversity, equity, and inclusion have never been louder. Workers and customers are demanding corporate leaders take action. In order to achieve those goals, experts tell us that leaders have to listen to their colleagues from underrepresented backgrounds.” Check out this article on how emotional intelligence is an essential skill for leaders attempting to achieve important work around racial quality and inclusivity.

A Simple Compliment Can Make a Big Difference on Harvard Business Review

You never know how what you say can impact someone’s day or wellbeing. Research conducted by Harvard Business Review, shows that “consistently, receiving a compliment brightens peoples’ day much more than anticipated, leaving them feeling better, and less uncomfortable than [compliment] givers expect.”

How to lead—and succeed—with emotional intelligence on FastCompany

“In a study measuring the impact of EQ on performance, executives identified as having high EQ generated 10% more productivity, experienced an 87% decrease in turnover, and added $3.75 million in economic value to their companies.” In this article, learn about putting EQ into practice and finding the balance between EQ and IQ.

Why psychological safety at work is key to preventing employee burnout on FastCompany

This article discusses what psychological safety means in the workplace, and how important it is to encourage this safety, to help prevent your employees from experiencing burnout. “As our understanding of psychological safety grows so does our understanding of how it’s developed, nurtured, and scaled in the workplace.”

How to Cultivate Confidence as a Leader on Forbes

“Confidence is one of your most important qualities as a leader. If you exhibit confidence, the rest of your team will have more faith in your decisions.” While confidence is an important skill for leaders, it does not come naturally to everyone. Check out this article from Forbes with tips on how to cultivate confidence as a leader.

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