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People Who Use These 3 Controversial Words Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on

This article discusses how the phrase ‘I feel like’ may actually be seen as a sign of high emotional intelligence, and not a ‘crutch’ or ‘conflict avoiding phrase’, as it has sometimes been seen in the past.

The Emotional Intelligence of Google CEO Sundar Pichai on

This article details the highlights of an interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, where he talks about empathetic leadership, psychological safety and emotional intelligence being important aspects of his job as CEO for one of the largest organisations in the world.

Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills to Inspire Your Business as a Leader on Entrepreneur

Today, leadership requires emotional intelligence, because people respond better to empathy and understanding than they do rage and intimidation. If you want to be an effective leader, you need to learn how to connect with your employees on their level and understand what makes them tick.

Mental health transparency at the top is the key to workplace wellbeing on Workplace Insight

This article discusses the importance of looking after workplace mental health in the return from the pandemic. ‘One thing is for certain as we look to rebuild – the business community must put the mental health of all employees as top priority.  But is there something that’s missing in the current conversation around workplace mental health and wellbeing?’

How to lead teams you’ve never met in person on FastCompany

A tech CEO took over in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, and has yet so meet a single member of her new team. Read about how she got to know her new team and began to build strong relationships without having met any of them yet.

The Modern Workplace Rewards Authentic Leaders: Here’s How To Be One on Forbes

‘Authentic leaders bring their whole self — intellectually, emotionally and spiritually — to the leadership role. This allows them to be people-focused leaders who energetically align their teams around a goal, creating better, more sustainable results.’

Coaching for Leaders Podcast

Coaching for Leaders has attracted 15 million downloads of conversations with bestselling authors, expert researchers, and everyday leaders. Featuring insightful conversations on emotional intelligence, leadership, coaching and more, this podcast is a great source of information on a number or workplace topics and more!

The Kingsley Grant Show Podcast

‘Discussing all things leadership and emotional intelligence, this podcast is designed to help emerging and experienced leaders easily boost productivity and performance by creating environments that motivate, engage and inspire people at all levels. The show includes interviews with top leaders and emotionally intelligent influencers.’

3 ways to use your work to combat burnout on FastCompany

‘According to McKinsey, 25% of women who remain in the workplace are still considering quitting or downshifting their careers. On both ends of the spectrum, women are burnt out and it’s driving them out of their jobs or keeping them out of the workforce.’ This article outlines 3 ways that anyone, not just women, can try to avoid burnout and find new sources of inspiration.

How Companies Can Encourage Well-Being In And Out Of The Workplace on Forbes

‘A recent global survey of 4,000 employees found that 63% want their employers to spend more on health and well-being initiatives. Employers who do so stand to gain big in terms of employee satisfaction and loyalty.’

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