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People Who Adopt This Simple Habit in 2021 Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on

In this article, the author discusses how being more intentional about the phrases we use can improve our emotional intelligence. ‘That’s why the habit isn’t specifically about just choosing and memorizing one phrase over another. Instead, it’s about making the effort to think about the phrases you use automatically, and assessing whether they’re really achieving the emotional effects that you intend.’

Answers To 3 Questions Can Beef Up Your Resilience To Career Adversity on Forbes

‘Researchers identified three personality characteristics of resilient employees from the telephone company study: control, challenge and commitment that you can cultivate when you answer yes to the following questions.’

How to cultivate resilience in an organisation on Financial Management Magazine

Check out this great article about building resilience in the workplace. As well as discussing resilience traits, the author also outlines a number of tactics you can use to help develop resilience in your organisation.

Chat and Reason Podcast

This father-daughter podcast has weekly episodes on a number of emotional intelligence topics. ‘We offer quick sessions on topics within emotional intelligence (EI) and leadership like empathy, mindfulness, confidence, self-awareness, relationship management, and so much more.’

Why we must design a stronger post-pandemic workplace for women on FastCompany

In a number of countries, including Ireland and the US, more women lost jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic than men. ‘Employers in 2021 have a responsibility to intentionally build the pathways back to full employment for women.’

Emotions Mentor Podcast

In this podcast, gain insight on how to ‘manage your emotions, improve your mental health and become more successful in your life.’

What Every Entrepreneur Can Gain From Mindfulness on

This article discusses a number of benefits that come from practicing mindfulness. While the title says entrepreneurs, these are benefits that anyone and everyone will see from mindfulness practices, not just entrepreneurs.

Staying Mindful When You’re Working Remotely on Harvard Business Review

‘It’s no surprise that online work is depleting our energy and resilience. The evidence shows that many of us are working longer hours, suffering chronic stress, and burning out at levels the world has never witnessed.’ With all this going on it is important that we are taking time to look after ourselves.

If You’re Smart Enough to Do These 4 Things, Your Leadership Skills Are Above Average on

‘What does it take to be a great leader of people today? The starting point, which I’ve preached from virtual speaking platforms many times over, remains clear: to create the conditions necessary for superior results — for people to perform their best work.’ There are lots of ways to build trust and good relationships with your employees, but here are just four ways to help you get started.

Good Leadership Is About Asking Good Questions on Harvard Business Review

Leaders need to realise that the world is constantly changing, which means that they will not always have all the answers, even if they think they do; ‘leaders should ask powerful and inspiring questions, convey that they don’t have the answers, and solicit others’ help to find them.’

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