Emotional Intelligence: the business case is clear. Every day, we see streams of content online and on social media about the topic. But it’s not new! Curious to learn more about EI and Genos International? We’ve condensed down some content for a quick and easy read. Here’s what you need to know about Genos emotional intelligence solutions – the widest range of modern EI assessments on the market.

Emotional Intelligence Infographic: Genos International Solutions

Genos supports thousands of organisations in a variety of industries around the world, from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized businesses. We have EI assessments for all stages of the employee lifecycle – from hiring and workforce development to leadership development and engagement.

The reports aren’t intimidating for the assessment taker and are actually easy to understand. Our whole process is built around taking action: helping people understand what they do well, how they ‘show up’ to those that matter most – their colleagues. Then, a Genos practitioner along with our built-in Development Tips Workbooks and programs – help the person work on key areas identified in the report – that will allow them to work more effectively and build better relationships.

Whats more, Genos have practical and actionable 1 day development programs to help teams work on:
– Building Resilience
– Developing Emotional Intelligence
– Becoming More Mindful
– Increasing Engagement.

Genos goes to market through a global network of talented coaching, consulting, and training organisations. Contact us if you’d like to be connected to learn more OR join our upcoming Genos Certification to offer your clients and/or organisations powerful EI solutions and ready-made training programs.

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