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This week we’ve got a list of ten great articles about everything workplace. Whether you’re looking for ways to develop emotional intelligence in your workplace, tips for looking after your mental health at work or even some new leadership advice, we’ve got you covered! Check out the list below.

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How to Deploy Emotional Intelligence for Work Success on Entrepreneur

‘Here’s how you can deploy emotional intelligence to improve both your personal and organizational work success.’ Check out this article outlining how you can begin to develop emotional intelligence in your organisation.

People Who Admit These 3 Brutal Truths Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on

This article discusses recent revelations made by Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet and Naomi Osaka, and how ‘in doing so, all three women created powerful, emotional bridges that engendered empathy, and elevated both them and their audiences.’

Belonging In The Workplace: Creating Space For Authentic Self-Expression on Forbes

Allowing authentic self-expression in the workplace is good for individuals and the organizations that employ them: it can enhance wellbeing, increase job satisfaction, improve employee motivation and more.’

Here’s How to Tell Within 5 Minutes If Someone Has High Emotional Intelligence on

‘Like many things in life, increasing your EQ takes practice. You can start with getting intimately familiar with the following five components of emotional intelligence to make you a better leader and human being.’

Resilience And Change: Return To The Office on Forbes

This article is a discussion with Dr. David Cifu, an expert in trauma, the brain and rehabilitation. In this interview, he dives into how leaders can develop and communicate organizational change.

How to have deeper (and better) conversations with your coworkers on FastCompany

The pandemic has meant that most of us are now conversing with our co-workers through email or Slack DM a lot of the time. Check out this article on how to get back to having deeper, more real conversations with your peers.

7 Things Naomi Osaka Taught Us About Mental Health And Career Success on Forbes

‘Many workplaces continue to make punitive demands on employees that run against the grain of their mental and emotional well-being. One in five people will be affected by mental illness over the course of a lifetime. Here’s what all of us can learn from Osaka about advocating for our own mental health in the workplace.’

Stronger Together: Getting Back To Leadership Basics During And After The Pandemic on Forbes

‘The massive disruption of the Covid-19 crisis put new pressures on everyone, including organizational leaders. Disruption like this puts leaders to the test. Thriving in this volatile environment means embracing the fundamentals of leadership.’

Work can wait. Your mental health can’t. How to make the most of a break on CNN

‘Deciding to take time off of work isn’t easy. Taking a leave of absence for mental health reasons is even harder.’ Check out this article explains one woman’s real-life experience of taking time off for her mental health and the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing.

 Now Is the Time to Start Embracing Mental Health in the Workplace on Forbes

‘Workplaces have been due for an overhaul for a long time, and in this time of change, now is the best opportunity to do so. Whether you’re a business leader trying to create a safe space for mental health support, or an employee searching for ways to cope, I’ve taken my own experiences to help guide you through these difficult times.’

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