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If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, learning & O/D professional, human resource consultant interested in becoming a Genos Certified Practitioner, visit our Certification page.

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We host a series of regular workshops, masterclasses and in-person public programs. View the schedule of events below for more information. We look forward to working with you.

schedule of the upcoming genos events:


Date: March 24, 2020
Details: 90 minute online webinar
Location: Online

Dealing with the stress of coronavirus - The importance of mindset

Date: May 19, 2020
Details: 9am & 4pm
Location: Live/Online


Date: June 16- July 7
Details: 4 Part Public Program
Location: Live/Online


Date: June 30, 2020
Details: 1 day in-person
Location: Red Cow Moran Hotel

Hear what people are saying about Genos

Sarah Drijfhout

"The team at Genos Europe delivered exceptional knowledge & value. They are an incredible support resource, as I begin to plan my rollout of EI into my own business. The Genos information is fascinating and truly a game changer for getting individuals and organisations to understand how to focus on their people and create human-centred results and improvements. You won’t regret adding this certification to your skill set."

Sarah Drijfhout, Managing Director

Wendy Teo

"The Genos EI Certification Programme has been an engaging, rewarding and unforgettable learning experience. A supportive and enjoyable environment which afforded me a deeper understanding of how to help clients gain the most from their Genos experience. Different learning styles were catered for by a mix of live online group sessions and practice, plus a wealth of online materials accessible for ongoing CPD. Genos EU are highly knowledgeable and great fun to work with as they role model EI and exceptional client care."

Wendy Teo, Business Psychologist : Coach : Consultant : Facilitator

Rhealyn Mugri

"Thanks for really engaging and productive sessions throughout. Time flies so fast and here I am realising I really found a great opportunity with Genos. To me, this course is huge and is opening up a lot of opportunities for me that I never thought of. I never knew what I was into until I have completed the entire sessions. Brilliant!"

Rhealyn Mugri, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Genos EI Practitioner

Roger Lomas (United Kingdom)

"This is one of the best 'programs' I have ever been part of. I will rephrase the above: it isn't a 'program', Genos EU have created something special here, which if you allow, could become a lifestyle. Now that's worth celebrating … thank you!"

Roger Lomas (United Kingdom)

Cherian George, National Health Service (UK)

"I am already using it to spread the message of mindfulness and EI, thereby creating a more productive and pleasant working environment. The NHS in the UK is wonderful organisation that can improve by using EI and mindfulness, by all its employees, but in particular by those in leadership and managerial roles. I would highly recommend this program to colleagues and others."

Cherian George

Michi Komori, Media Business Leader (Japan)

"I can't begin to express my gratitude enough to Genos International for its generosity in sharing the practices and the invaluable knowledge of Deiric and mindfulness practices in a business context. I have enjoyed every information-packed session."

Michi Komori
Media Business Leader (Japan)

Craig McKenzie (Hong Kong)

"For us it immediately added a very strongly researched Emotional Intelligence assessment and training program offering to our business."

Craig McKenzie (Hong Kong)

David Molotsky, (U.S.)

"Genos pairs Emotional Intelligence with an entrepreneurial approach –  exactly where I want to be as a coach."

David Molotsky, (U.S.)

Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award 2018
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