Genos Digital

A unique, interactive emotional intelligence development experience

Genos Digital takes people through a powerful learning experience that helps transform their emotional intelligence report feedback into a set of actionable behaviours to improve how well they demonstrate their emotional intelligence.

Integrating the latest technologies and a unique approach to creating interactive content, Genos Digital walks people through videos, smart processes and practical development steps. Participants watch videos to understand the Genos EI competencies and can take notes and create an action plan as they proceed through the report.

People not only identify how to improve their emotional intelligence, they can connect with their coach, manager and others within their group to help support their learning and development.

Upskill an individual, a team or your entire workforce with this must-have skill set in the age of AI. Demonstrating emotional intelligence more effectively doesn’t just help people be more efficient at work, it shapes their personal relationships – helping make them a better partner, sibling, parent, colleague and friend. Contact us today to try out Genos Digital.

Genos International Digital.
Game Changing for Business, Life Changing for People.

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