We’ve searched the web for some of the latest and greatest blog posts, research and articles on emotional intelligence. In this week’s post, read about lessons in emotional intelligence from Steve Jobs, the secret to great leadership in a time of crisis and how hiring for emotional intelligence can transform your company culture. Check out the list below.

Tough Times Call For Emotionally Intelligent CEOs on Forbes.com 

‘The current challenges that CEOs are facing in 2020 make emotional intelligence more important than ever before. Companies and their stakeholders are affected every day by the volatility created by the pandemic, racial inequality, economic and social uncertainty and other global and local systemic issues.’

Emotional Intelligence: Why You Need It and How to Spot It at Work on Entrepreneur.com

‘Every organization achieves its goals through a series of daily conversations, interactions and decisions. These necessarily involve humans, and the more emotionally intelligent we are, the more effective we will be on every level.’

A Guide to Managing Your Emotions at Work on The HR Digest

‘People are emotional beings it is a response mechanism to the outside environment. But there are some emotions that one needs to keep in check while in a professional setting.’ This article discusses ways to try and prevent these outbursts and to help you feel more in control of situations that may arise.

Why Hiring Managers Seek People With High Levels Of Emotional Intelligence on Forbes.com

‘We are in a new pandemic paradigm. The fast-moving changes have caused companies to seek out job applicants who possess—in addition to the requisite requirements—certain intangible qualities’. With the global pandemic quickly changing the work environment, it has become increasingly important to employers that they hire people with high levels of emotional intelligence, who will be able to cope well with change and help other team members.

Elon Musk Had a Private Meeting With Volkswagen’s CEO. It’s a Brilliant Lesson in Emotional Intelligence on Inc.com

This interaction between Musk and Diess shows how sometimes the smartest decision for your company may not be to fight the competition but to find a way to mutually benefit one another. ‘By praising each other, instead of needling, and by focusing on looking for ways to cooperate, instead of ways to compete, both Musk and Diess are opening doors–and that could lead to big things for the future.’

8 Reasons Why You Need To Stimulate The Emotional Intelligence Of Your Employees by People Development Magazine

The author outlines some of the key benefits, both for the organisation and the employees, that can be achieved by stimulating the emotional intelligence of your workforce.

Before He Died, Steve Jobs Taught a Fascinating Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility on Inc.com

The author discusses Jobs’ reputation before he died and how he used emotional intelligence in his work. He states that ‘emotional intelligence is only one piece of the puzzle. Unless it’s guided by morals and ethics, it can be extremely dangerous–and can be used to deceive and manipulate.’

How Emotional Intelligence can Help you Find your Next Job on FastCompany

‘According to joint research conducted by LinkedIn, up to 85% of jobs are filled through networking. By using your emotional intelligence, you can network effectively in order to find someone within the company who will give you an inside referral for that job you’ve been wanting.’

How to Deescalate an Argument Using Emotional Intelligence on Inc.com

‘Given today’s political and social environments, it doesn’t take much for a minor disagreement to escalate quickly. With people’s sensitivities at their peak, strong emotions are likely to emerge at the mere mention of certain topics. To lead with emotional intelligence is critical in these situations.’

Emotional Intelligence is the Secret to Leadership in Times of Crisis on Entrepreneur.com

‘While we often think of courage, intellect, or decisiveness as hallmarks of great leadership, research shows that one set of characteristics rises above the rest: emotional intelligence.’

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