This week, the top emotional intelligence articles discuss why empathy and emotional intelligence are so important, how leaders can rebuild resilience after the Covid-19 pandemic and how to promote well-being by leveraging your coaching skills. Check out the top 10 articles below.

Why Empathy and Emotional Intelligence Are More Important Than Ever for Leaders on Forbes

Kristina Johnson Chief People Officer at Okta, discusses a number of things she has learned while leading in 2020.  “Whether supporting a workforce with diverse opinions or knowing when to speak up, here are some lessons we’ve learned.”

Two Ways to Change Your Leadership Legacy in a Virtual World on Forbes

“In a very simplified way, a leadership legacy is the ability to leave lasting non-negotiable change as to how a business, team or individual operates. It isn’t about a powerful personality, but more about the way a leader can make people feel empowered and trusted to accomplish new and great things.”

How business leaders can rebuild resilience in COVID recovery from Brunel University News

“Look around right now and you will notice some people may be coping a little bit better than others. The answer is resilience. It is possible to learn. Like physical fitness, it takes time and a little effort, but its effects are powerful.”

Resilient Leadership, Redefined for Women in Business on Forbes

“Senior-level executive — as well as entrepreneurial — women are coming to a point where being powerful and resilient needs to be redefined. Being vulnerable with colleagues, while also being willing to manage our energy levels, is equally as important as matching our performance indicators and results.”

5 Clear Ways to Tell Whether You’ll Be a Good Leader in 2021 on

“For leaders, the weight of responsibility has been especially burdensome, and many hard lessons were learned. In the midst of this, a number of leaders from various backgrounds have shown the durability of their ideas.” The author connected with five executives to discuss the top skills for 2021.

Helping employers to build resilience at crucial stage in the pandemic on The Irish Times

“As good news grows in relation to a Covid-19 vaccine, employers will need to double down on workforce resilience.” This article discusses a number of ways to try help you support your employees during this turbulent time.

The Key to Unlocking Resilience in 2021 on Forbes

“Organizations currently face an explosion of uncertainty. The pandemic has taught organizations that data and technology will be essential to provide resilience in the face of the challenges still to come.”

How Organizations Can Strengthen Their Workforce by Activating Leadership at All Levels on Forbes

“As organizations continue to navigate an environment fraught with ambiguity, one of the most important things leaders can do is invest in their people managers and harness the strong local relationships between them and their teams.”

How Great Coaches Ask, Listen, and Empathize on Harvard Business Review

“Coaching is about connecting with people, inspiring them to do their best, and helping them to grow. It’s also about challenging people to come up with the answers they require on their own. Coaching is far from an exact science, and all leaders have to develop their own style, but we can break down the process into practices that any manager will need to explore and understand.”

To Promote Well-Being, Leverage Your Coaching Skills on Forbes

“Most leaders know that they should refer employees to assistance programs, encourage vacation and contact HR about specific concerns. Most leaders also know that they should talk to their staff about how they’re doing. But many leaders don’t know how to make those conversations count, and many have valid concerns about invading others’ privacy or serving as a poor substitute for a therapist.”

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