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Want to Improve Emotional Intelligence? This Simple Trick Actually Works on

‘So many words and phrases have ancillary meanings that we don’t even think about. Sometimes they’re the exact opposite of the things we intend.’ Learn the ‘laundry basket method’ to make sure you’re using the right words to say what you mean to say.

The Journey Of Resilient Leadership: Building Organizational Resilience on Forbes

‘Achieving a better normal is not just about having a better map; it’s about having the nimble team, resources, and systems that enable us to thrive before, during, and after change (especially adversity). It’s about having a resilient organization.’

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace on VeryWellMind

This article is a good introduction to emotional intelligence if you want to start learning about it, or are looking for how to explain it to others. Covering what is emotional intelligence, why it’s important and ways to help develop emotional intelligence, this article will give a gentle introduction to some key areas of emotional intelligence.

Three Ways To Create A Thriving Workplace According To A Workplace Visionary on Forbes

With the pandemic changing the way we work ‘now more than ever we’re realizing how important it is to work in a place that inspires us to be creative and productive.’ This article outlines three way to create an environment that encourages productivity.

EI Cafe with Azeem Podcast

‘This Show is about how Applied Emotional Intelligence can help improve your professional &personal life. As Leader, Entrepreneur you engage, motivate, inspire people at all level. Emotional Intelligence will help you create such an environment & create high performing organization culture.’

The importance of resilience in business on the HR Director

‘Right now, resilience is more important than ever. With the impact of COVID-19 sure to be felt for some time, there are challenges every day for business leaders and managers to contend with. Knowing how to deal with these challenges effectively can separate a good manager from a great one.’

How Employee Training Can Support Mental Health on Forbes

‘When it comes to workplace performance, the effect of mental illness is well researched. For instance, increased levels of stress lead to losses in productivity.’ Mental illness and stress related illnesses can create a lot of issues for businesses. Check out this article on how training your employees can help support their mental health.

Equipping Leaders Podcast

‘The Equipping Leaders Podcast is a weekly podcast that provides leaders with tools to navigate the workplace. From emotional intelligence and difficult conversations, to productive meetings and leadership theory, this podcast is designed to make you think about your role as a leader, and how you can improve yourself and your workplace.’

3 Tools to Help Leaders Steady Their Teams During a Transition on Harvard Business Review

With the return to work just around the corner for many of us, we need to be as prepared as possible to face the new working environment. This article from HBR will give you three tools to help you make sure your teams are as prepares as possible for going back to the office.

12 leadership strategies for building a more resilient organization on FastCompany

12 members of the FastCompany executive board share their tips for leaders to develop the resilience of their companies.

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