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How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Give Feedback on

“To effectively deliver feedback, you’ve got to get to know your people: their strengths and weaknesses, their motivations and drivers, their communication style. Realizing that what works for one person won’t work for all, emotional intelligence helps you to adapt your approach to the individual.” Check out this article by Inc, for some key lessons in emotional intelligence.

3 Ways to Bounce Back from Stress and Being Overwhelmed on Entrepreneur

“Do you ever feel like some days as a leader you are in complete flow, where business is easy and enjoyable? Yet other days it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, feeling as though you are drowning in tasks that you don’t yet have a solution for?” The past year especially, workplace stress and overwhelm has been on the rise. Check out this article for tips on how to ‘bounce back’ from this stress and not let it take over your life.

Google’s 5-Step Formula for Team Success Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence on

“What if the company could figure out a way to get more out of their teams? What if they could identify the formula for “the perfect team”?” Read about Google’s investigation, ‘project Aristotle’, and see what they discovered about building the ‘perfect team’.

Start With Gratitude: The Entry Point For Graceful Leadership on Forbes

“Cultivating gratitude will help you shift your focus and see and appreciate all that is working in the many facets of your life. This appreciation leads to more flexibility and actually makes it easier to fix those things that aren’t working.”

Entrepreneurs benefit more from emotional intelligence than other competencies, such as IQ on

Research from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business found that emotional intelligence – the ability to understand, use and manage emotions to relieve stress – may be more vital to a business’ survival than previously thought.”

Enhance Your Trustworthiness For Transformational Leadership on Forbes

“Trust is, and has stayed, the ultimate currency that makes the world go around. This article explores the factors that enhance trustworthiness to make a leader transformational.”

The Secret to Building Resilience on Harvard Business Review

“Are your relationships broad and deep enough to help support you when you hit setbacks? Here’s an exercise to help you think that through.” This article discusses how important your relationships are to your personal resilience.

Long Term Employee Well-being Hinges on This One Employee Benefit on FastCompany

“Employee well-being was front of mind for organizations long before the pandemic. Now, after 11 months of remote working and public health anxiety, it’s now become business critical for companies trying to drive recovery with mentally exhausted teams.”

5 Reasons Why Good Leaders Must Be Great Followers on Entrepreneur

Now more than ever it has become advisable for the modern manager to empathize with, and lend an ear to, those he manages. A study conducted by Kim Peters & S. Alexander Haslam on these two identities has proven that individuals who appear to be ideal followers are often a more popular choice for any leadership position among their peers.”

Good Leaders Lose with Grace on Harvard Business Review

“As a society, and especially in business, we must not just tolerate but embrace losses as experiences that can prompt change and growth.” Unfortunately, life isn’t always going to go the way we want it to, maybe you won’t get that client you really wanted, or you might have a less profitable year than last. Check out this article for a few ways to help you deal with these losses with dignity.

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