As part of the Mindful Leader Programme, we were thrilled for the opportunity to interview Matt Tenney on mindfulness. Matt is a social entrepreneur and author. He is also an international keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant whose clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies. He works with companies, associations, universities, and non-profits to develop highly effective leaders who achieve lasting success by focusing on serving and inspiring greatness in the people around them.

In the video, you’ll hear Matt talk about how we all have ‘flashes of mindfulness’, many of them unintentional, throughout every day of our lives, and about how he sees the practice of mindfulness as being the process of intentionally creating moments of mindfulness that, when joined with these ‘accidentally’ mindful moments, create a mindful day, a mindful week, a mindful year … a mindful life!

His advice is to look for the opportunities that are around us all the time, in everything we do, to turn our everyday existence into an opportunity to be mindful – creating the conditions for a fulfilling and happy life.

He also talks about how you can go about turning your organisation into a mindful organisation.

A fascinatingly different take on the topic of mindfulness.

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