This week, we’ve compiled some of the top blogs with guidance on how to find new coaching clients, achieve greater resilience in business and develop skills outside of work. If you’re looking for some great articles on leadership, coaching, resilience and more check out the list below.

The priority for workplaces in the new normal? Wellbeing on World Economic Forum

‘To truly build a more resilient workforce and rebuild the economy in 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritize wellbeing, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Wellbeing can be achieved when our mind, body and sense of purpose lead us to feel positive about ourselves and satisfied with our lives.’

People Who Confuse These 5 Critical Words in 2021 Have Very Low Emotional Intelligence on

In recent times, everyone has been facing challenges, burnout from working at home, people whose nerves are shot at the thought of another lockdown. This can make people more difficult to deal with, however ‘if you can learn to differentiate quickly among five related emotions that difficult people like this might be experiencing, you can create strategies to respond, and maximize your happiness and success.’

‘Three Ways To Use The Internet To Get More Coaching Clients’ on Forbes

‘Attracting coaching clients to your practice in an authentic way is becoming increasingly difficult as the coaching industry becomes more saturated.’ This article outlines three ways to help you to harness the internet to increase your client list.

How to achieve business resilience in 2021 on The Enterprisers Project

‘This year, leaders will need to focus on building resilient teams and preventing individual burnout. One way to do this is by building larger teams.’ Learn how to build more resilient teams for 2021.

Focused On Digital Resilience In 2021 on Forbes

‘During the COVID-19 pandemic, a common organizational response was to turn to digital technologies to maintain certain levels of activity during the pandemic.’ Read about four key ways to continue the development of your digital resilience for 2021.

5 ways to create an empowered workplace in 2021 on Fast Company

‘Being a hard worker isn’t enough to empower teams. It can only be accomplished by a leader who takes the time to know, understand, and care about their employees.’ In this article learn why it is so important to empower your employees, and a few ways to get started.

No Formal Training? 14 Ways To Sharpen Skills Outside Of Work on Forbes

‘While employers often stress the importance of self-development in the pursuit of an advanced skill set, they may not provide formal training to help employees meet those expectations.’ The Forbes Council is made up of a number of coaches who work with clients seeking job-improvement. The council asked some of their clients for one tip on how to develop skills without formal training.

Warren Buffett Says These Often Ignored Traits Separate Successful Leaders From All Others on 

With the way the world is changing, the types of leaders we have need to evolve too. ‘To shift strategy means shifting belief systems around what a leader is and does. The hyper-masculine, tough-guy, charismatic persona that is seen as the ideal leader is a tragic misrepresentation of great leadership. While a strong, smart, and decisive mind is a necessity, so is empathy, compassion, and consideration of others.’

The 5 rules of self-care for great leaders on FastCompany

‘Leaders emerge and grow from their passion for helping and serving others, and it’s very easy to forget about their own well-being, balance and mental state along the way.’ It can be easy for leaders to prioritise their team, especially now when people are struggling with the new normal. However, it is just as important for our leaders to be looking after themselves too. Here are five self-care tips to help leaders who sometimes forget to ‘put on their own mask first’.

Six Skills Leaders Can Master To Become Better Coaches In 2021 on Forbes

‘Coaching in 2021 is going to be vastly different than in years past. Leaders must show empathy, yet employees also need to be resilient. So what is an organization to do? Coaching has never been more needed during and certainly after the pandemic crisis.’


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