This week we have another list of ten great articles for you, covering resilience, leadership, wellbeing and more. Read about research asking if some people still distrust women leaders, ways to help improve the wellbeing of your teams, skills that all managers should be taught and more. Check out the list below.

How digital technology can play a role in building workforce resilience on The Irish Times

‘Ensuring people feeling valued and rewarded for the work they do, as well as meeting their health and wellbeing needs, has become a critical way in which to cultivate an engaged, productive and resilient workforce. Those that recognise the link between digital technology and employee health and wellbeing can build a more resilient workforce for the future.’

Three Ways Leaders Must Reshape Their Workplace For Greater Resilience on Forbes

‘As we move into 2021 and beyond, a tremendous opportunity exists to reimagine work, improve your leadership and redesign your company as a flexible, resilient force. It’s time to embolden your teams toward clear objectives: to think about why your company’s work matters and how you can do it best.’ This article outlines three key ways you can make the most of this new changing working environment.

How Visionary Leadership Can Get Us Through The End Of The Tunnel on Forbes

Now that there is a vaccine and hope in sight for the end of the pandemic, ‘How can leaders help their organizations through those last few months, balancing hope and realism to maintain their stamina?’

Why do we still distrust women leaders? On BBC

‘Despite strides in women’s representation in powerful roles, a surprising number of people across the world still don’t trust women to lead effectively. These biases are deep-seated – and may be difficult to change.’

7 reasons humility is a highly desired leadership trait on Fast Company

Research has found that ‘humble leaders resulted in higher-performing teams, better collaboration, and flexibility. Other research has found that humble leaders are better listeners, more flexible, and inspire greater teamwork.’ Check out this article to learn seven reasons humble leaders are so sought after.

How recruitment strategies can improve workplace wellbeing and morale on HR News

‘Often the recruitment process is solely dealt with by the hiring manager or recruiters, with employees rarely involved until they meet the new team member on their first day. If you are committed to creating a business that has transparent communication – where employees know what is going on and feel like they have an impact on the decisions that affect their job – then you must involve employees in the recruitment process.’

The Workplace Is About To Undergo Some Serious Re-Architecturing on Forbes

‘Over the last year we have carried out the largest experiment in remote working in history. What we now need to do is build on that achievement, instead of just waiting for the pandemic to subside before we go back to working like we did before.’

6 global employers on how to improve workplace mental health on World Economic Forum

‘Mental health has become an urgent priority for companies as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The uncertainty and stress created by the pandemic, and increased isolation due to large-scale remote working, have put pressure on workforce mental wellbeing.’ This article asks 6 employers what they are doing to improve mental health in their workplace, and what positive changes they foresee for 2021.

7 Leadership Lessons From Netflix’s Hit Show ‘Cobra Kai’ on Entrepreneur

‘What can a TV show teach us about leadership? Turns out, quite a lot. Here are seven leadership lessons from Netflix’s hit show Cobra Kai.’

5 Skills that Should be a Part of Every Manager’s Training on Entrepreneur

‘While hiring the right people for managerial positions is obviously an important first step, providing them with adequate and ongoing training is an essential next step.’ Learn 5 of the top skills it’s important for managers to learn as part of their leadership training.


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