Once again we have compiled a number of the best emotional intelligence articles to help you get back into the work mindset after the holidays. This week, read about what leadership will look like this year, what people are still getting wrong about emotional intelligence and ways to help your employees mental wellbeing during a difficult winter. Check out the list below.

People Who Adopt These 7 Verbal Habits in 2021 Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on Inc

“If there’s one area of self-improvement readers have told me they’d like to work on during 2021, it’s emotional intelligence.  So here are some very simple resolutions for 2021 designed to help you do just that. They’re easy really: just a series of short phrases to memorize, that will improve your conversations and make it more likely you’ll achieve your goals with others this year.”

What People (Still) Get Wrong About Emotional Intelligence on Harvard Business Review

In this article Daniel Goleman discusses a number of things he says people are still misunderstanding in the 25 years since his book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ was published.

Spotify’s CEO Just Boiled Down Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence into Only 8 Words on Inc

“Of course it’s important in a pandemic to remind ourselves of the hidden suffering of others. But Ek reminds us that ‘successful’ people are hiding complications and pain too. Ever modest, he explains, ‘I constantly face people who I always find are smarter than me, deeper than me on various subjects, and all of that stuff. But I think we’re all on journeys and we all have our own insecurities. We have all our own stuff that’s happening in our lives.”

What Will Business Leadership Look Like This Year? On Forbes

“Overcoming the pandemic next year won’t be easy, and these challenges have a way of bleeding into the workplace. Internal leadership will be every bit as important as external needs. Business leaders must be ready to support their teams mentally, professionally, financially and in every area in between.”

5 Ways to Build Resilience in Difficult Times on Forbes

This article discusses how ‘resilience is not something we are born with, it is something that has been to be built, like a habit, then strengthened and maintained.’ But how do we build resilience? The author outlines scientifically based methods to help strengthen our resilience in these difficult times.

Winter Blues: Seven Tools to Foster Mental Wellness in The Workplace on Forbes

As well as the usual ‘winter blues’ that many experience, “The prolonged stress of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns is taking its toll, and this stress trickles down to our work lives as well.” This article discusses how leaders should recognise that wellness practices and good mental health may need extra care during the winter period.

Three Things the Most Effective Leaders Will Do in 2021 on Forbes

This article outlines three practices leaders should try to incorporate in their strategy for 2021. “These core practices will differentiate exceptional leaders from the rest and will help ensure you and your team members are able to tap the very best of yourselves, no matter what is thrown at you.”

Leadership in the Era of Uncertainty: Great Companies Are Built in Difficult Times on Entrepreneur

“To cope with this new world, new management approaches are needed. And while it might seem counterintuitive for managers to relinquish their usual methods of control when everything seems to be veering out of control, that is exactly what one should do, and here’s how.”

Emotional intelligence during remote work: Leadership tips for 2021 on Enterprisers Project

“With remote work likely to be the norm well into 2021, consider these tips to apply your emotional intelligence and build strong, supportive teams. To lead effectively in 2021, we must be self-aware and recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions to positively influence the emotions of others.”

How to Protect Your Employees’ Mental Health During a Long, Hard Winter on Inc

“As shorter days and colder temperatures collide with holiday-season strain, pandemic anxiety, and grief, many people are feeling overwhelmed–and more companies are recognizing the need to help employees cope with stress.”

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