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EI at Work Podcast

Can a leopard change its spots? EI expert Cary Cherniss shares his view.

The bad behaviour of leaders has come into the spotlight over the last year and many commentators have called out a clear deficit of Emotional Intelligence in positions of power. From the US, where the world became obsessed with Former US President, Donald Trump to Australia, where a Federal Minister who was bullying women online was ordered to take empathy training. Whether you are an aspiring leader who behaves like John McEnroe in the office or a HR leader trying to tame the CEO, this podcast will help you understand:

How an established leader with deeply entrenched negative behaviours can work on developing emotional intelligence.

This episode features Cary Cherniss, co-chair of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and author of ‘Leading with Feeling’: nine strategies of emotionally intelligent leaderships. Together with EI at Work co-hosts Marie El Daghl and Genos CEO, Dr Ben Palmer, they discuss:

  • The factors that would determine whether an established leader / manager with entrenched negative behaviours can improve through developing emotional intelligence.
  • The time it would it take for someone like this to truly gain and then effectively exercise EI.
  • The likelihood a team would accept the change in their leader or manager, or be cynical of it.
  • When to develop EI in a leader, or accept it’s just not possible.
  • The top three most common obstacles or challenges leaders might face the first time they use newly found Emotionally Intelligent strategies.
  • The evidence that supports a link between EI and leadership effectiveness and more.


Campbell McGlynn

About Cary Cherniss

Cary Cherniss, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at Rutgers University, and co-chair of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.  He specializes in the areas of emotional intelligence, work stress and burnout, leadership in organizations, and planned organizational change.  He has published over 70 scholarly articles and book chapters, as well as eight books including: Leading with Feeling: Nine Strategies of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (with Cornelia Roche), The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace (with Daniel Goleman), Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations:  Guidelines for Practitioners (with Mitchel Adler), and The Human Side of Corporate Competitiveness (with Daniel Fishman).   Dr. Cherniss also has consulted with many organizations in both the public and private sectors, including American Express, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, and the United States Office of Personnel Management.


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