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A weekly show dedicated to improving how we connect, communicate and collaborate at work.

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Focused upon emotional intelligence, psychological safety, wellbeing and other topics related to helping people work (and play) together effectively, the show brings thought leaders in the space in as guest speakers, offers practical guidance and techniques, analyses news & developments in these areas, and offers short courses on key topics. At all times the focus is upon providing viewers with practically implementable advice & suggestions.

We’ll be discussing all the key elements to creating happy and healthy workplaces and people. Joined by some incredible authors, speakers, coaches, trainers and specialists, explore unique opinions and ideas that are future-focused. Learn new ways to support your staff and connect with your colleagues.

Transforming essential people skills at work also makes an incredible difference to peoples’ relationships outside of the workplace. People become better parents, partners, siblings, and friends. That’s why our work is game-changing for business. Life-changing for people.

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The Neuroscience of Sleep

Have you been getting enough sleep recently? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm, feeling totally ready for the day, not thinking of getting caffeine into your system? If your answer to either of these questions is ‘no’ – then you are far from alone.

In this episode of Genos LIVE, Deiric McCann has dived deeply into the latest research on sleep. He provides you with a thorough understanding of the science of how sleep works (or doesn’t work!) and gives 7 immediately actionable suggestions for getting your sleep back on track.

Creating Immersive Employee Experiences

In this episode of Genos LIVE, Paul J. Zak explains how to create immersive employee experiences. Paul is Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management Director with the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies. He is also the author of several bestselling books including his latest release, “Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness”.

After twenty years of research, Paul and his team uncovered a neurologic state that motivates people to take an observable action after an experience. He uses the term Immersion to describe this brain state. Paul’s research explains why people crave extraordinary experiences and how to organise teams to produce them.

Leading from Anywhere

In this interview with Genos LIVE, bestselling author David Burkus speaks about the wisdom he shares in his latest book ‘Leading From Anywhere’ – a timely and fresh look at getting the best from remote and hybrid teams.

David’s insights on leadership and teamwork are regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, the Financial Times and many more. A sought-after international speaker, David’s TED Talk has been viewed over 2 million times.

Creating Psychological Safety with Emotional Intelligence

We all engage more readily in a psychologically safe workplace – one where it feels safe to bring our real selves into interactions with our team members; one where it’s not personally costly to simply be ourselves, make mistakes or ask questions.

In this session of Genos LIVE, Deiric McCann delivers structured, practical advice on how to cultivate an emotionally intelligent culture that fosters psychological safety. This episode of Genos Live is delivered in a masterclass format.

Business Lessons from Sports Performance Coaching

Have you ever considered what it takes to be a winner? How do you become a winner or better yet, a serial winner? Are winners born to win or is there more to it?

In this episode of Genos LIVE, we are joined by Business Performance Psychologist, Soccer Referee & Olympic Coach to several of Belgium’s Olympic teams – Jef Brouwers. Jef shares his unique perspective on how to be a successful winner through self—awareness, mental independence and knowing that “it is never not in the mind”.

Why Mattering Comes First: Filling The Human Need for Significance

On this episode of Genos LIVE, we sit down with award-winning researcher, Zach Mercurio, to discuss our need to matter.

The past 2.5 years of the pandemic have revealed a widespread demand for dignity in work, school, and life. The need to matter, to feel significant, is a human instinct. But when someone doesn’t feel like they matter, it’s easy for nothing to matter. Creating mattering for those around us is a practice that we can learn and implement and is foundational to reviving our organizations, schools, and communities.

Emotional Intelligence: The Next Generation

In 1995, Daniel Goelman published “Emotional Intelligence” which forever changed how we think about the skills essential for business and personal success. Roll forward 27 years and the World Economic Forum (among others) are reporting that EI, “will be a must-have skill in the future, with demand likely to rise sixfold within the next five years”. But what does modern Emotional Intelligence look like – and how wil it evolve?

In this Genos LIVE session Ben Palmer, founder and CEO of Genos International, provides a fascinating insight into what his research and experience suggest is the future for emotional intelligence – and talks about how you and your organisation can reach into that future today to build a competitive edge. 

The Science and Business of Extraordinary Experiences

In the dynamic, global and evolving new world of work, emotional intelligence skills and leading with emotional intelligence are critical. In this session of Genos Live, you will learn five things you can do immediately to start demonstrating emotional intelligence in leadership that will have a demonstrable impact on the way that you communicate, connect and collaborate with your teams.

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Amanda Blake, PhD brings together research from over two dozen scientific fields to reveal how you can strengthen your social and emotional intelligence by cultivating your innate somatic intelligence – the many links between your brain and your body.

We talk to Amanda about how we can all tap into the intelligence hidden in posture, gesture, and sensation to open the door to more meaning, greater courage, deeper connection, and more powerful leadership than you imagined possible. Dr. Amanda Blake is the author of the award-winning book ‘Your Body Is Your Brain’ and the creator of the Body = Brain course on the neurobiology of experiential leadership learning.

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In this interview, David will talk about what we need to pay attention to enable our organisations to be maximally responsive to change – avoiding what he characterizes as ‘corporate arthritis’.

David’s insights will be invaluable to everyone finding themselves dealing with the fallout of fast-moving change – but will be particularly interesting to leaders at all levels, Human Resources and Learning & Development executives, and coaches, consultants and trainers who guide their clients through the challenges of change. This is a rare opportunity to tap into Professor Clutterbuck’s expertise.

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Your TEDx Talk or signature speech is all about your idea – your new way of approaching an old problem. Your talk is there to serve your audience. That way, you’ll craft a talk that really lands, or goes viral!

Attend this event with experienced TEDx speaker coach, Camilla Long to find out how to craft a TEDx Talk or signature speech that really connects. Camilla has coached over 100 TEDx speakers, and many others, helping them to create and deliver the talk of a lifetime.

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In this episode of Genos LIVE, we meet with EI Expert Cary  Cherniss who shares the key strategies any of us can assimilate to immediately step up our ability to lead, inspire, motivate and engage those around us.
Cary Cherniss is a Professor of Applied Psychology Emeritus at Rutgers and he specialises in the areas of emotional intelligence, work stress and burnout, leadership, and planned organisational change. He has published over 70 scholarly articles and book chapters on these topics and eight books. In his book, ‘Leading With Feeling’, 25 outstanding leaders describe how they used emotional intelligence to deal with critical challenges and opportunities.

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In this episode of Genos LIVE, we are joined by Andreas von der Heydt to discuss his book ‘Building a Coaching Culture’ which proposes an academically researched, developed, and validated model of eight dimensions of successful coaching. Watch now and dive into a five-step implementation plan which can be used as an impactful framework for embedding coaching skills in organizational settings to create a sustainable and growth-generating coaching culture.

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On this episode of Genos LIVE, we sit down with the award-winning teacher and researcher Vanessa Druskat to discuss BELONGING. Specialising in team collaboration and emotional intelligence, her collaborative research shows clearly how cultivating a strong sense of belonging in teams dramatically enhances team cohesion and collaboration.

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How to get on the TEDx Stage with TEDx curators

Many people dream of giving a TEDx Talk.
If you have an idea worth sharing, then what better way to let the world know than by giving a TEDx Talk? Watch this unique event to hear how four experienced TEDx curators go about organising their TEDx events.
You’ll hear about their purpose, why they do what they do, and how your idea can have impact on the TEDx community.

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How to Dramatically Raise Productivity with Emotional Intelligence with Debbie Muno and Jeff Summers

Are you aware of the impact of “average” performance is having on your organisation? On this episode of Genos LIVE, gain insight on how to attract, retain and develop talent to build a more engaged, stronger performing organisation.

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5 Things You Can Do To Start Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence in Leadership with Ciara Aspinall

In the dynamic, global and evolving new world of work, emotional intelligence skills and leading with emotional intelligence are critical. In this session of Genos Live, you will learn five things you can do immediately to start demonstrating emotional intelligence in leadership that will have a demonstrable impact on the way that you communicate, connect and collaborate with your teams.

Richard Boyatzis on Genos LIVE

Ego: Get Over Yourself & Lead with

Mary Gregory

Ego manifests in many forms and can compromise our ability to fully engage with others. In order to build trusting relationships, today’s leaders need to understand how to manage their own egos, as well as others’. In this episode of Genos LIVE, we learn how to ‘get over yourself and lead’ with best-selling author and consultant Mary Gregory.

Richard Boyatzis on Genos LIVE

Helping People Change with

Richard Boyatzis

In this episode of Genos LIVE, we sit down with a world-leading expert in leadership development and emotional intelligence – Richard Boyatzis. Discover practically impementable ideas for leaders seeking to inspire their teams, HR and L&D professionals supporting such leaders, and independent coaches, consultants and trainers working with their clients to help people thrive in times of rapid change.

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How to Become an Emotional Intelligence Expert in 2022

In this episode of Genos LIVE, hear from two Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners and explore how the Genos certification program works – and how it could help you to get the very best results for and from people in 2022.

Reboot Your Stress Mindset

Rebooting Your Stress Mindset For 2022

In this session of Genos Live, change the way you experience stress & learn how to minimize the impact it has on you. Discover a practical 4-step ‘in the moment’ process for dealing with stressful situations effectively – preventing you from spiralling into anxiety, worry and stress.

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How To Explain Emotional Intelligence To A 10 Year Old (or anyone else!)

In this upbeat and interactive episode of Genos Live, our team at Genos International Europe show you how you can explain EI in a way that even a 10-year-old will understand it and immediately buy into it – after all, if you can get the concept across to a 10-year-old you can get it across to anyone, right?

Genos Live Launch Session

The Launch of Genos LIVE

Our host Deiric McCann kicks off our first ever Genos LIVE. In this session, dive into what you can expect from the show this year, sharing exciting news on upcoming guests, authors and topics. 

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Deiric McCann’s Mindfulness Survival Kit

We don’t always have the time to set 10 minutes more aside for mindfulness practice – sometimes the days get away from us and it just gets pushed down the priority list – and that’s okay.

Deiric has collected a series of ‘micro-practices’ that he uses to help him cope with stress and pressure. This ‘mindfulness survival kit’ will give you tools you can use to make those difficult moments in life more manageable and less stressful, without taking up much of your time.

Genos Live thumbnail - An Irish blessing

Beannacht – An Irish blessing to start off 2022

In this short video Deiric McCann discusses Beannacht – a poem from Irish poet John O’Donoghue. This is a perfect ‘Blessing’ to get your week off to a good start.

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