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Arrange an emotional intelligence masterclass for your organisation

Do you need an engaging and energising speaker to kick-off your next meeting, or to bring some deep expertise on emotional intelligence, mental wellness, psychological safety or human relations to an upcoming event? If so, there is no better person than Deiric McCann – here’s what people have said about previous keynotes and masterclasses:




Deiric brings a unique combination of high energy and immediately and practically implementable ideas into every event he contributes to.

You can see him in action here:

Blue Dots


Blue Dots

Here’s a selection of topics that Deiric loves to deliver upon all of which can be fine-tuned and adapted to fit the specific orientation of your event: 

Emotional Intelligence/Psychological Safety

  • How to Immediately Become More Emotionally Intelligent
  • The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety
  • How to Create a More Psychological Safe Environment
  • Selling More with Emotionally Intelligence
  • Raising Your Self Awareness
  • Enhancing Your Natural Empathy
  • Connecting with Everyone you Meet

Resilience and Wellbeing

  • Change Your Experience of Stress
  • Building Focus, Concentration and Inner Calm
  • Building Your Resilience with Gratitude
  • Defeating Your Inner Critic
  • Conquering Worry
  • What’s it all about? (personal purpose and vision)
  • Finding Your Flow (tapping into flow-mode experiences)
  • Connecting for Wellbeing

All of these topics can be telescoped down to a 45-minute Keynote or expanded out to a 60 to120-minute Masterclass format. They can also be strung together into multi-part coherent programs.


Deiric is just as effective online through Zoom, Teams or WebX as he is in-person. As to audience size: whether it’s for an audience of 5 or 5000, Deiric brings the same energy, engagement, and (where appropriate) humour to his deliveries.

GOOD TO KNOW: All our keynotes and presentations are designed to help people take action. Attendees will receive follow up resources in the form of DO THINK ACT sheets and NUDGE videos to help encourage them to implement the learning and development. We also provide free access to our unique apps for journaling for personal development and have a range of mindfulness practices featured on the Insight Timer app.

Person holding phone

Attendee on Living & Working with EI in an Online World

Signing up the 4-week Emotional Intelligence program was the best decision ever! It helped me to understand better how human emotions work. It is an essential skill which helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Attendee on Resilience Training Program

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for taking the time and effort to deliver this excellent resource. I have attended both of the last two sessions and I am really looking forward to the rest. I find this information invaluable in supporting my mindset when it comes to stressful situations. I really appreciate the work that you are doing here.

Josef Figa, HR Business Partner, Givaudan

Feedback on The Mindful & Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson was universally excellent – it was described by several of our senior salespeople as the best sales training they’d ever attended.

Joost Leerintveld, Fitbit Country Manager, Benelux

… very good, interesting and helpful … I have to say I am really seeing the benefits from it.

Sandra De Nóbrega

One of the best and most useful learning experiences. From the first session, this workshop offers reflections and tools that allow adding value to the personal growth and growth of organizations that can be intervened from the strengthening of their Emotional Intelligence. Beautifully presented, with relevant and updated data and accompanied by a team not only with high knowledge, but with the disposition and empathy of delivering response, while generating the best experience.

S.S. Muthhukumar, Executive Coach

I have seen many leaders struggling with EI and not being aware of the consequences for themselves and the people associated with them. I liked the webinar because the content was rich, and Deiric’s explanation was simple enough to understand. Avoiding triggers, SCARF was a revelation. A BIG THANK YOU to Deiric.

Cherian George, National Health Service (UK)

I am already using it to spread the message of mindfulness and EI, thereby creating a more productive and pleasant working environment. The NHS in the UK is wonderful organisation that can improve by using EI and mindfulness, by all its employees, but in particular by those in leadership and managerial roles. I would highly recommend this programme to colleagues and others.

Joké Adenuga, Productivity Consultant

We’re only halfway through this (Mindful Leader) program and I have already benefitted enormously. I have the vocabulary to describe what’s going on in my mind (all those ‘open tabs’). Sensing and becoming more aware of my emotions helps me to take control and act in a more thought out manner.

Wendy Wattrus, Financial Manager

This program has been such an important part of my personal development & growth strategy. The fact that I engaged in it in the first place was serendipitous. It has become increasingly obvious it was meant to be at this moment in my life. Thank you for all your time & valuable nuggets that have been added to my toolbox.

Christina Rodriguez

Since 15 March 2020 when lockdown began here in Spain, I have watched hours of webinars…some great…some crap. But today was the best in many ways, more engaging, more relevant, Deiric made us feel safe with what he brought into the room…sorry zoom. Where have you been all my life?

Genos Europe - Business All Stars Accredited seal 2020
New Partner Badge Certified Practitioner
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Genos Europe - Business All Stars Accredited seal 2020
New Partner Badge Certified Practitioner
Genos Master Trainer