Suite of Emotional Intelligence Assessments

We boast the widest range of emotional intelligence assessments on the market. Our reports and training programs are beautifully designed and easy to understand.

We give organisations the ability to work with emotional intelligence in a variety of ways. From developing agile leaders, engaging millennial workforces, to helping individuals become more self-aware… Genos emotional intelligence assessments can transform the lives of your workforce.

The World Economic Forum released their top 10 job skills for success by 2020, and emotional intelligence was ranked in the top 10.

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. Collectively they help us make intelligent responses to our emotions. These skills are as important as your intellect, experience and background in determining success at work and in life. Emotions influence, both productively and unproductively, our decisions, behaviour and performance.

emotional intelligence assessments

Emotional Intelligence in Hiring

Emotional intelligence in hiring and selection

Genos EI Selection Report

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report is the best measure of how often a candidate demonstrates emotional intelligence in the workplace. The report allows hiring managers to utilise EI measures as an additional means to avoiding bad hires.

Emotional Intelligence Workplace Assessments

Genos Workplace Self Assessment

Genos Workplace Self Assessment – an individual’s feedback on the importance of emotional intelligence behaviours and an evaluation of their own.

Genos workplace emotional intelligence assessment

Genos Workplace 180° Assessment

Genos Workplace 180° Assessment – feedback on the individual’s emotional intelligence behaviours by a selection of colleagues.

Genos Workplace 360° Assessment

Genos Workplace 360° Assessment – feedback on emotional intelligence behaviours from a group of colleagues categorised by manager, peer, direct report and other.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessments

Genos emotional intelligence leadership assessment

Genos Leadership Self Assessment

Genos Leadership Self Assessment – a leader’s feedback on their own emotional intelligence behaviours and the importance of in their position.

Genos Leadership 180° Assessment

Genos Leadership 180° Assessment – feedback on the leader’s emotional intelligence behaviours from a selection of colleagues. Optional self assessment included.

Genos Leadership 360° Assessment

Genos Leadership 360° Assessment – feedback on the leader’s emotional intelligence from group of colleagues categorised by manager, peer, direct report and other. Optional self assessment included.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which should I choose: Workplace or Leadership?

Genos Workplace Reports are suitable for all levels of employee EI development. If the person is focused on leadership development and works with different categories of colleagues, then go with Genos Leadership.

Your Genos Certified Coach can help you make that decision if you’re unsure.

Can Genos help me develop my emotional intelligence behaviours?

Yes! Your Genos coach will create an action plan for you after your assessment is complete. All of our Genos Reports also come with a Development Tips Workbook free of charge!