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Emotional Intelligence Certification Training

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, learning & O/D professional, human resource consultant, or an organisational psychologist, the Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Program will dramatically enhance your credentials and credibility by making you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace. 

Learn from world-renowned experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence solutions in global organisations every day.

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Step 1

Pre-program assessment & debrief
  • Experience what it means to be a client – complete your own emotional intelligence assessment and have it debriefed back to you in a one-on-one session. Therefore, you’ll also be working on your own development as you progress through the program.
  • In addition, work with a Genos Master Trainer to understand truly powerful coaching debriefs.

Step 2

Deep-dive into every aspect of emotional intelligence
  • Receive a comprehensive hard copy Certification Binder to support you through the course.
  • Either during an in-person event or online, explore all the unique aspects of implementing emotional intelligence in your organisation or with your clients.
  • Learn from internationally recognised experts and Master Trainers who work with Fortune 500 companies every day during these interactive and engaging sessions.

Step 3

Deepen your expertise with Genos University
  • With your lifetime membership to Genos University, our online support resource for Certified Practitioners, you’ll learn about all aspects of the Genos business from our expert team members and from other Certified Practitioners. Genos University is a unique development portal available to you 24/7.

Step 4

Earn your formal Certified Practitioner Qualification
  • To achieve formal certification, you’ll debrief the results of a fictional candidate with your Master Trainer playing the part of the candidate.
  • The Master Trainer will provide you with feedback on your ability to demonstrate our 8-step coaching style debrief model. In addition, you’ll be provided necessary support to get you feeling completely confident of your ability to effectively debrief reports.

The Most Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Certification Training on the Market.

You’ll Learn:

🗹 The Neuroscience of Emotions

🗹 Genos Emotional Intelligence Model & Behaviours

🗹 Full suite of EI solutions for Hiring and Development

🗹 Psychometric Properties and Research

🗹 Emotional Intelligence Workplace Behaviour Reports

🗹 Interpreting and Debriefing Results

🗹 Powerful Group-based Debriefs

🗹 Integrating EI in Selection & Talent Management

🗹 Best Practices for Marketing Your Genos Business

🗹 Using the brand new Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Assessment in Hiring

🗹 How to Deliver the Compelling Add on Programs

🗹 Mindful/Resilient/Engaging/Emotionally Intelligent Leader

🗹 The 6 Skills of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

🗹 Leadership Feedback Report

🗹 Psychometric Properties

🗹 Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report Options

🗹 Competitive advantages of the Genos Solutions vs. Other EI assessments

🗹 Using the Genos Survey System with Ease

Become a Genos Certified Practitioner

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