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Emotional Culture Index

Discover how your people are feeling right now

A lot of different elements underlie organisational success. But even with the best product, processes and plans, great organisations care and prioritise a great workplace culture.  The Emotional Culture Index helps you take a ‘pulse check’ on how your people are feeling.

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To discuss and understand the concept of emotional intelligence and emotional culture, first we need to look at the underlying science of emotions. Why do we react the way we do, how does others’ behaviour impact us the way it does?

We all experience a wide range of pleasant and unpleasant feelings at work as we interact with others. These feelings influence our decisions, behaviour and performance.

Pleasant feelings have a ‘broaden and build’ effect causing us to think more broadly, engage more deeply and perform better.

Unpleasant emotions tend to have a ‘narrowing and limiting’ effect, causing us to be more closed-minded, less engaging and poorer at performing.

The Emotional Culture Index (ECI)

The ECI is designed to measure three dimensions of emotions at work:

  • Current state – How often your people experience certain feelings at work.
  • Expected state – How often your people think its fair and reasonable to experience these feelings at work given the nature and context of your workplace.
  • Ideal state – How often your people think they should ideally experience these feelings in your workplace in order to be effective.
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Want to learn how you can run an Emotional Culture Index in your organisation?

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