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Deiric McCann


Hi, my name is Deiric McCann, and I’m here to share some detail on how we can work together to raise your emotional intelligence so you can transform the impact you have on your colleagues and those whom you need to impress and engage to drive your success.

There are lots of coaches in the world, many of them excellent at what they do. But how many of them have had experience at the highest levels of leadership in international organisations – how many have ever really ‘walked a mile in your shoes’?

Let me tell you a little about myself – not simply to boast (although there is a bit of that), but more to give you an insight into why I am uniquely qualified to help senior executives like you who wish to raise their impact on the people around them.

I spent 18 years in various senior executive positions in Profiles International, a division of multinational John Wiley & Sons ($2Bn), culminating in a role as Executive Vice President, International – with responsibility for all non-US business worldwide.

I am a qualified professional coach with several hundred hours experience, an accredited teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Program developed by Google, and a Genos Emotional Intelligence Master Trainer. I am also a highly rated and accomplished speaker with years of experience presenting to global audiences.

Along the way, I’ve written five books, all emphasising the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, the most recent being ‘Leadership Charisma’. This book presents a step-by-step approach to developing a charismatic impact on others.

My greatest passion is to work with high-potential senior leaders who wish to equip themselves with the interpersonal skills to go to the top, most of which are drawn from emotional intelligence.

I can help you develop a deep insight into how your most important stakeholders see you ‘show up’ and guide you on how to enhance your EI to have a dramatically greater impact in engaging those you must engage for success in these challenging times.



You can understand the absolute need for executives to have deep emotional intelligence by looking at this simple summary of what 25 years of research into the topic says:

Emotional Intelligence Brain

“The way you ‘show up’ (the way others experience your behaviour)…

…determines the way people around you feel.”

Emotional Intelligence Brain

“The way people feel determines the extent to which they are able to engage with you, and…

…the extent to which they engage with you determines in large part the outcome of that engagement.”

Emotional intelligence is understanding this simple truth…
choosing how you show up in every situation to get the best possible results from your interactions with people.

When you develop emotional intelligence, it doesn’t just change your life in business – it changes every aspect of your life.
Your relationships with superiors, direct reports, clients, family, friends and loved ones change dramatically.

Research shows that emotionally intelligent people are more successful, happier, calmer and better able to deal with stressful lives.

Don’t just trust me on this – look at what some of the foremost authorities in the business world are saying…

Cap Gemini


The latest research by Capgemini says:

“…74% of executives believe that Emotional Intelligence will become a ‘must have’ skill in the next one to five years.”

and that…

“…demand for EI is expected to increase by as much as six times.”

Recently published LinkedIn research also identifies EI as:

“…one of the top 5 most in-demand skills.”

Even before the pandemic, all of the research said that Emotional Intelligence was a key skillset for success – especially for leaders; and it will be particularly important as we emerge from the lockdown period into whatever new normal we as leaders must learn to manage.


We offer three core emotional intelligence coaching programs – any of which can be adapted to meet your requirements, either at the outset or as we go along:


The Emotional Intelligence
Pulse Check‘ Program

In this single-session engagement, we’ll use the Genos Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment to help you develop a deep data-based insight into how your colleagues experience you ‘showing up’ on a day-to-day basis. At the end, you’ll have a clear insight into what you need to do next to enhance your impact on your key stakeholders. We’ll identify areas to develop and create an action plan for you moving forward.


The Emotional Intelligence
Sprint Program

Over three sessions, we’ll work together using the Genos Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment to help you create a personal action plan to develop your emotional intelligence in a way that enhances your impact upon your colleagues – and then we’ll collaborate on a practical implementation plan – monitoring results and outcomes as we go along.


The Emotional Intelligence
Expert Executive Program

Working together over seven sessions, we’ll collaborate on your development and execute an action plan to enhance your impact on colleagues as we do in the ‘Sprint’ program – but then we’ll go even deeper to build your skills for the longer term. By the time we finish this program, you’ll have developed your emotional intelligence to the highest levels, equipping you with the EI competencies to be confident that you’ll excel in any future career roles that require that you inspire and engage.

Genos emotionally intelligent 360 leadership report


You wouldn’t be enjoying the success you’re already enjoying if you didn’t have some well-honed emotional intelligence skills. This assessment will help you identify those behaviours you demonstrate that people around you particularly value – giving us something to capitalise upon as we work together. It will also help you identify the areas you can improve on that are most important to those people you must effectively engage to be success in what you do.

Speech Marks

I have worked with Deiric for the last several years, and knowjust he works with clients better than most people. Before working directly with him, Deiric was a coach and mentor to me. He is renowned for his warm personality and energetic attitude. He forms deep connections with people and is passionate about helping them make transformations in their professional and personal lives.

He has made it his life’s mission to help people change the impact on the world and the people in it. His style is friendly and open, and coachees always comment that working with Deiric doesn’t feel like work: time flies and they learn a lot about themselves and how better to inspire others.

Aoife Gorey, Director Of Operations, Genos EU

Deiric is the best business coach I have ever met. I & my whole team are so thankful for his long-time support. He is a great presenter, a very mindful leader and a fantastic coach.

Nilgun Aygen, CEO, ValYouBel, Germany

This is one of the best programmes I have ever been a part of. I will rephrase the above, it isn’t a programme. Deiric has created something special here, which if you allow it, could become a lifestyle, now that’s worth celebrating.

Roger Lomas, Chartered Consultant, UK

This program has been such an important part of my personal development & growth strategy. Thank you for all your time & valuable nuggets that have been added to my toolbox.

Wendy Wattrus, Financial Manager, South Africa


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