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Thanks for attending Genos LIVE with Mary Gregory.
Please see below a variety of resources mentioned in the session.

Resources from Genos LIVE with Mary Gregory

You’ve likely arrived here because you viewed Mary Gregory’s excellent contribution to Genos Live on March 3rd (the recording is available on our YouTube Channel.)

Below you’ll find the various resources referred to in the interview – if there’s anything else you need, please let us know by email.

1. Ego: Get over yourself and lead,
the book
by Mary Gregory

Filled with insightful leadership stories, reflective activities and useful psychological models, this book enables us to understand ourselves and the dynamics at play in our relationships. It provides you with the tools to effectively manage the challenges faced in the fast-paced demands of today’s workplace. This book is for leaders who wish to achieve results through authentic relationships and create a culture that engages and empowers.

You can purchase a hardcover or Kindle of this must-read resource here.

2. Visit Mary’s website for a free chapter of her book

Find out more and sign up to get your free chapter here.

3. Access our Genos Journaling App

On Apple devices, or Android here.

Additional resources:
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