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The Resilient Leader

Learn to enhance well-being, feel less stressed and facilitate resilience and well-being in your team.

It’s time to focus on building the resilience of our leaders and team members. Traditionally, organisations have placed more emphasis on physical than mental health in the workplace. As our work environments transform, employees and leaders now face the most demanding environments and positions, which is resulting in a significant increase in mental health and work-related stress issues.

Great leaders are always searching for ways to take their leadership practices to the next level. Resilience is not an ability or trait you either have or do not have, it can be enhanced by engaging in activities or techniques that help facilitate good physical and mental health. 

Genos The Resilient Leader


During this program participants will improve their understanding of resiliency, explore and practise tools and techniques for developing their resiliency in the workplace, and action-plan ways to enhance their personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of their team.

Specifically, participants will:

  • explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence
  • review their emotional intelligence assessment results and how to boost them
  • practise tools and techniques to build their own and others’ resilience.


  • Program workbook and development tips workbook
  • Learn proactive strategies to develop resilience in every-day life including:
  • – Physiological Strategies
    – Relationship Strategies
    – Thinking Strategies
    – Environment Strategies

  • Personal resilience quiz
  • Genos The Resilient Leader
    Genos Workplace Reports


    As pre-work to the program, participants complete the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment. During the program, we provide them with their Feedback Report, a Development Tips workbook and expert-led debrief and action planning methodologies to help participants leverage strengths and address development opportunities.

    What Previous participants have said

    Neslyn Watson-Druee, Award-Winning Global coach leader and international speaker

    I write to express my gratitude and thanks for how grateful I am for Genos University.
    There is no comparison on the level of support that Genos International has given to its practitioners. The very little that I know about business, tells me that Genos has put the high performance and success of its practitioners at the forefront and centre of its business model. That takes investment, financially, socially, mentally and environmentally. Words are inadequate to fully express my gratitude.

    Ciaran O’ Reilly, Management Consultant and Coach

    Over the years I have participated in several certification programmes for development tools. By far this has been the most engaging, effective and efficient use of my time. And this was achieved through clever online delivery using the full capability of digital tools – well done in getting so much interaction with the global participants. Looking forward to getting stuck in to the Genos Suite in 2021.

    Wendy Teo, Consultant and Coach

    The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Programme has been an engaging, rewarding and unforgettable learning experience. A supportive and enjoyable environment and a programme duration which afforded me a deeper understanding of how to help clients gain the most from their Genos experience. Different learning styles were catered for by a mix of live online group sessions and practice, plus a wealth of online materials accessible for ongoing CPD. Aoife and Deiric are highly knowledgeable and great fun to work with as they role model EI and exceptional client care. Highly recommended.

    Sarah Drijfhout, Managing Director

    The team at Genos International delivered exceptional knowledge and value. They made themselves available throughout the course and are an incredible support resource, as I begin to plan my rollout of EI into my own business. The Genos information is fascinating and truly a game changer for getting individuals and organisations to understand how to focus on their people and create human-centred results and improvements. You won’t regret adding this certification to your skill set. Indeed it will likely be the one you wished you’d gained sooner!

    Stephan Gerschewski, Lecturer & Coach

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Genos for providing a very inspiring, interesting, informative, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The Genos (EI) course was professionally and efficiently organised, and Deiric McCann was an excellent and very experienced and competent Master Trainer with the right dose of humour during the weekly Zoom training sessions. I feel grateful and honoured to be a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner now, and I look forward to changing people’s lives for the better moving forward.

    Ciara Aspinall, Founder, Facilitator and Coach

    The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program was one of the most insightful, informative and enjoyable courses that I have had the pleasure of participating in. Deiric and Aoife were incredibly motivating, positive, responsive, supportive and professional throughout the entire process, from the very first interaction. I feel extremely proud to have completed the certification and to have become a genuine member of the #Genostribe. Now I am looking forward to this supportive and dynamic journey of developing more emotionally intelligent workplaces alongside my likeminded peers and cohorts.
    EI Course Award 2021
    Top 20 2023
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    Leadership Course Award 2022

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