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Metropole Hotel

“5 stars. The program was highly interactive, impactful and thought-provoking, and was delivered with passion, flexibility and clarity that enabled our team to feel immediately comfortable discussing previously difficult subjects. A great foundation for a more productive, positive environment.”

Andrew Percival
Managing Director, Mayflex UK Ltd.

The feedback we got on Connect, Communicate & Collaborate was the best we’ve had on a development program – ever.

Aoife O’Sullivan

Chief People Officer, Greenpark Digital

TCP Homecare

Working with you was a pleasure; your energy and expertise really made the program shine. I think the decision to move all modules to “in-person” was the correct call and really added to the teams’ engagement levels. The way you shared your knowledge and strategies was spot on, and we already see some significant improvements in our teams in terms of openness, empathy, and collaboration. We know that’s primarily due to the work you did with us.

John Rooney

Managing Director, Flogas Ireland


Having recently completed the course, I am truly impressed by the depth of knowledge and practical insights it provided. The content was not only informative but also incredibly relevant to our company’s goals and objectives. Each module was thoughtfully designed, and the exercises helped me develop a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its application in leadership roles.

As a result of this course, I feel more equipped to lead with empathy, inspire my peers, and navigate challenging situations with confidence.

Marc Smith

Group Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Pasta Foods Ltd.

TCP Homecare

The “Building Trust, Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence” training provided to our employees was truly eye-opening. It empowered our team to express themselves without fear of judgment, fostering an environment of trust, open communication, and innovation. It not only improved our work culture but also positively impacted productivity and creativity. Deiric was a fantastic facilitator, able to appeal to the various learning styles in the team, ensuring everyone benefitted from the training. I would greatly recommend this for any organization looking to prioritize employee well-being and create a space where everyone feels heard and valued.

Pamela Kavanagh

Head of HR, Exergyn Ltd.

TCP Homecare

This program has been a game-changer for our company, empowering staff at all levels to collaborate, share ideas, and enhance our working environment. By emphasizing core values like Accountability, Trust, and Respect, the course has improved our communication skills and made us more aware of how our actions impact others. It has also given us the confidence to focus on growth areas where coaching can make a difference.

Brett Promisel

COO, Deep Pool Financial

TCP Homecare

A wonderful, thought-provoking learning experience. Deiric’s insightfulness and charismatic delivery style kept us fully engaged from start to finish. We are a business that invests heavily in leadership development, and emotional intelligence in leadership is often a topic which is overlooked by many organisations. As a business is going through an intense period of change, leading in an emotionally intelligent way has never been more important for us. It’s been a pleasure to work with Genos and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Dave Darby

Managing Director, MSC Industrial Supply Co.

TCP Homecare

A heartfelt Thank You for our Psychological Safety program yesterday. It far exceeded my expectations. Your energy, insights, straightforward delivery, and message were exactly what my team needed. You’ve made a very positive impact on my group which I will work to keep alive.

Sylvia Dodo

Senior VP, Global Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

TCP Homecare

The distinctive feature of Deiric’s training is that he can explain very complex topics with very simple words. He quickly builds a trusting connection with the participants and enriches his training with pragmatic and effective methods to understand the great importance of leadership and well-being at work. Appropriate methods and helpful thoughts can be implemented immediately in everyday work. Deiric’s training shows his high experience in working with people and is very impactful.

Bettina Wölfle

Transformation Teams, Airbus Helicopters

HSC Leadership Centre

Deiric is easy to work with, very flexible and responsive as requirements change. His preparations are very thorough and he also actively follows up to help keep the topic ‘alive’. Deiric’s presentation style is very charismatic and brings his audience at ease through the effective use of humour and wit in partnership with science-based research, and his vast personal experience. He is a natural facilitator and quickly connects with different types of people.

Philippe Duterloo

HR Business Partner, Syngenta

HSC Leadership Centre

At Hyatt, we have a purpose to ‘Care for People so they can be their Best’ – which also means that leaders, and colleagues overall, need to understand and display the critical emotional intelligence skills of self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and more. The Genos model, and their selection of assessments, has helped us in advancing care for our colleagues, guests, and customers – by educating and developing leaders in those critical areas.

Yves Givel

Vice President, Human Resources, Hyatt – Europe, Africa, Middle East & Southwest Asia

Hyatt Hotels

I am already using it to spread the message of mindfulness and EI, thereby creating a more productive and pleasant working environment. The NHS in the UK is wonderful organisation that can improve by using EI and mindfulness, by all its employees, but in particular by those in leadership and managerial roles. I would highly recommend this programme to colleagues and others.

Dr. Cherian George

National Health Service (UK)

Hyatt Hotels

The feedback received from all that attended mirrored my own opinion – the session was fantastic. The way you deliver is very thought-provoking, educational, interactive and most of all inclusive and fun. ‘The way you show up’ is now very consciously in everyone’s mind and the influence that has on one’s own self and those around them.

Deirdre Staples

Talent, Learning & Development Specialist

TCP Homecare

The way you engaged participants and the energy you brought to each session was palpable. You have been a pleasure to work with from our first call, where I felt that you really understood the vision of what we wanted from the program, and you have consistently gone above and beyond ever since. Your contribution has been invaluable, and we look forward to applying what we’ve learned, in both our personal and professional lives.

Carla Fisk

HR Manager, TCP Homecare

TCP Homecare

From day one [I was] absolutely inspired to think differently on how to engage, not only with my team, but in my personal as well as my whole professional life. By putting the inspirational leader as a role model at the forefront of my mind, taught me ‘How to show up’ to all my meetings, and how to engage positively with everyone I come into contact with.

I am so keen to take this forward with my team as part of team building, empathy and mentoring.

Of all the courses that I have attended in Kerry, this is truly impactful on my day-to-day ways of working and just thinking about my impact on others before and after engagements with my daily contacts.

Charlotte Huggins

Charlotte Huggins, Sales Director, Kerry UK

Kerry logo

Feedback on ‘The Mindful & Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson‘ was universally excellent – it was described by several of our senior salespeople as the best sales training they’d ever attended.

Josef Figa

HR Business Partner, Givaudan

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