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EI at Work Podcast

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Teachers and Educational Leaders.

Educator, mentor, counsellor, motivator, mediator, and even friend. School teachers and leaders are so much more than their title. On any given day, they wear many hats to fulfil the demands of their profession.  

However, with these different roles comes the toll of highly charged emotional labour. The Australian Principal Occupational, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey 2020, has revealed that school leaders are overworked and fatigued from the stresses of their profession. 97% work overtime, and 3 in 10 were flagged ‘at risk’ in areas such as self-harm, quality of life and occupational health.

Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi) is one organisation that has recognised the importance of growing EI in school teachers and leaders. Learn how they worked with Genos on implementing EI into their leadership programs to enhance culture, professional wellbeing, and student outcomes.

Whether you’re a teacher, educational leader, or parent, this episode will provide valuable insight into:

Why EI is critical to teaching and leading in schools.

In this episode of EI of Work, we’re joined by Neil McDonald, Chief Executive Officer at QELi. Together with co-hosts Marie El Daghl and Genos International CEO, Dr Ben Palmer he discusses:

  • The state of EI in the education sector.
  • Why QELi built EI into its leadership development program and its impact.
  • The role of EI across educational professions; from teachers and middle leaders to principals and system leaders.
  • How the ability to manage emotions can improve colleague, parent, and student relationships.    
  • How QELi uses Genos Leadership Assessments to assess and develop emotionally intelligent behaviours.
  • The opportunity for EI in student growth and development.


EI At Work Podcast
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