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Thanks for attending Genos LIVE with Ciara Aspinall.
Please see below a variety of resources mentioned in the session.

Resources from Genos LIVE with Ciara Aspinall of Pinpointing Potential

You’ve likely arrived here because you viewed Ciara’s excellent contribution to Genos Live on March 10th (the recording is available on our YouTube Channel.)

Below you’ll find the various resources referred to in the interview – if there’s anything else you need, please let us know by email.

1. 5 Things You Can do to Start Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Ciara was kind enough to share a PDF copy of her slides with us, you can access them here.

2. Visit the Pinpointing Potential website for more

Pinpointing Potential are specialists in business improvement through people. Through their emotional intelligence training, consulting, and coaching solutions, they strive to create more emotionally intelligent workplaces. They help employees to perform at their highest levels, improve workplace culture, increase employee motivation and retention, promote effective workplace behaviours and enhance workplace communications.

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Additional resources:
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